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Friday Mar 01, 2024

MoCRA brings significant changes to the way adverse events associated with cosmetic products are reported in the US. This episode delves into the nitty-gritty of MoCRA's adverse event reporting requirements, helping you understand your responsibilities and ensuring you stay compliant.

Friday Mar 01, 2024

MoCRA raises the bar for cosmetic safety and demonstrating "adequate substantiation" is key. But what exactly does that mean? This episode unlocks the secrets of MoCRA safety substantiation, guiding you through the process with expert insights. It also empowers you to understand and implement MoCRA safety requirements and MoCRA safety substantiation.

Friday Mar 01, 2024

In today's episode, we're embarking on a deep dive into MoCRA's product listing requirements. We'll unravel what this entails, who exactly needs to adhere to it, and the crucial information that must be included. Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or just stepping into the Regulatory arena, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking clarity on MoCRA's product listing mandates.

Friday Mar 01, 2024

This episode untangles the role of the Responsible Person (RP) and the US Agent. We'll break down their key differences and responsibilities, ensuring you stay compliant and navigate the market smoothly. Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or simply curious about the industry, this episode is your essential guide to understanding MoCRA's key players. Tune in and gain clarity on MoCRA's RP and US Agent.

Friday Mar 01, 2024

Understanding MoCRA's Facility Registration requirements is crucial for cosmetic manufacturers. It ensures transparency and product safety, paving the way for smooth operations in the US market. Compliance with MoCRA's facility registration requirements fosters trust and builds a strong foundation for your cosmetic brand's success in the US.

Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

In the last episode of Freyr Regulatory Radio, Season 4, our experts discuss key considerations for Comparative Quality Studies for a proposed biosimilar product in the EU.
Furthermore, this episode throws light upon the criteria for the reference biological products and its evaluation.
To know more about Season 4, visit: 

Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

Streamlined biologic product development involves proper Regulatory assessment and overcoming challenges encountered during the CMC development phase. This episode will discuss the challenges faced during complex biological product development.
Furthermore, our experts will express their Regulatory views on variability in batch-to-batch testing, impurities testing, viral load clearance, and factors encountered in the biological product arena.
To know more about the Season 4, visit: 

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

Biological product development involves proper planning and experimentation. Comprehending the biological CMC requirements is one such critical aspect during its development. This episode will detail the specifications required during biologics/biosimilar development.
Our experts will also share insights on the steps involved in the characterization of biological products, expression systems, and related details. 

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

Episode 2 will detail the various guidelines for biological product development and approval in the market. The reference guidelines discussed in the podcast will include the following:
Guidelines that describe the expression construct, cloning, cell bank preparation, and characterization of biological products.
Guidelines to be referred for biologics drug substance development and manufacturing.
Guidelines to be referred for viral safety evaluation and analytical method validation of the products.
Stability management of biological products.
Our Regulatory experts will share more details about the subsidiary guidelines to be referred by a pharma company for streamlining Biologics development.

Monday Aug 28, 2023

Introduction to Biologics and Biosimilars is the core of this episode. Our Regulatory experts will give an overview of the different Regulatory approval pathways for Biologics and Biosimilars in the EU. Additionally, they will discuss the significance and requirements of Regulatory submissions and scientific advice during the Regulatory processes.
To know more about the Season 4: EU Regulatory Pathways for Biological Products, visit: 

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